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Build a Chain of Your PST Contacts!

vCard Export software is a real gift to people who need to do a simple conversion of MS Outlook to vCard contacts, Outlook to Excel and Outlook to Windows Contacts format with all details information.


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vCards Help You Build a Chain of Your PST Contacts:

  • You can extend your Outlook contacts chain to Lotus Notes emailing program when converted into vCard format
  • You can take your PST contacts chain to MS Outlook Express application when they are in VCF format, so the process to export Outlook contacts vCard using our vCard Export software helps to elongate your contacts chain
  • By converting to vCard VCF format, you can pull out your PST file contacts chain to your BlackBerry or iPhone or other present-day mobile devices that accept vCards
  • Even in your Palms, iPods etc, you can bring in your Outlook PST contacts after you export contacts from Outlook to PST using our vCard converter software
  • Almost every OS like Microsoft® Windows, Linux, Macintosh, UNIX etc can easily read vCards, so you must quickly go for the vCard converter download

Easy to Use vCard Converter Software: Easy to graph interface design, familiar type of software appearance, steps that anyone can perform, clear explanation about the steps, easy language explaining the successive conversion steps, clear-cut buttons with notation about their process – all this and more make our vCard Export tool an easy to use vCard converter software.

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Software Characteristics for Quick Reference

  • Convert Outlook PST file contacts to VCF file vCard format
  • Convert PST contacts to WAB file
  • Convert Outlook contacts to CSV file format
  • All fields and details remain as it is during migration
  • Tool is NOT Outlook-version-specific, it supports ALL Outlook versions
  • Multiple contacts migration allows to convert numerous contacts together in one go from PST to VCF or WAB or CSV

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